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tv   FOX News Sunday With Chris Wallace  FOX  September 7, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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i'm chris wallace. former governor mitt romney is pulling no punches blaming president obama for the growing number of hot spots around the world. >> the president has a foreign policy which has failed once again. we find ourselves facing a very severe and horrific series of scenes on the world stage. >> was romney right in the 2012 presidential debates about russia and other threats to the u.s. and will he run again in 2016. mitt romney only on "fox news
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sunday." then, a second american is executed by isis. and new charges about benghazi and why help came too late. >> we were told to wait and stand down. >> i strongly believed if we had left immediately they'd still be alive today. >> we'll discuss because and threats to the u.s. with michael mack call and the head of the senate foreign relations committee robert me den dez. plus, even democrats are now urging the president to crush isis. >> this is a direct attack on the united states. time is up. action must be take. >> our sunday panel weighs in on the rising tide against a no strategy foreign policy. and our power player of the week. olympic gold medalist, the local girl turned world class athlete. >> i would have been happy if i got first or last.
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>> all right now on "fox news sunday." and hello again from fox news in washington. barack obama's approval rating this week tied an all time low of 38%. and long with growing dissatisfaction about his presidency there's been a spike in talk about the man he beat two years ago. governor mitt romney. welcome back to "fox news sunday." >> thanks, chris. good to be with you. >> you had a tough article in the washington post this week in which you really went after president obama for shrinking our military. in the article, you write this, the history of the 20th century teaches that power hupgry tyrants ultimately feast on the appea appeaser. back in 2012, the president mocked you for that. >> you mentioned the navy for example and we have fewer ships than we did in 1916.
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we also have fewer horses because the nature of our military's change sfwld governor, how do you feel when you listen to that and the president treating you as a somewhat dim bulb? >> well, you know, the president has a very different foreign policy. his view instead of having a strong american military that's able to keep other nations in check, that we ought to instead put in place a policy based on what he calls common humanity. well humanity is not common in its views. the world relies upon and america must rely upon a strong military. by the way, china understands the importance of a navy. its navy will be larger than ours within seven years. that's the consequence of the president's policies. >> in that same presidential debate, mr. obama also made fun of your views on russia. let's take a look at that. >> i'm glad that you recognize
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that al qaeda is a threat. a few months ago when you were asked what's the biggest threat you said russia. not al qaeda. you said russia. in the 1980s are now calling to ask for your foreign policy back. >> when you look at ukraine and the decision not to keep u.s. troops in iraq and the decision not to arm the rebels in syria from the start, what do you make of the choices that this president has been making particularly here in the second term? >> well, i think the president is really out of touch with reality when it comes to what's happening in the world. and i don't know why that is. perhaps it's political philosophy, foreign policy views. he looked at russia and thought that was a friend we should reset relations with. he looked at al qaeda and said they're on the run. he looked at isis and said, oh, they're just the jr. varsity. he looks at iraq and says
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they're strong and able to care for themselves. he is so out of touch with reality that he hasn't taken the action necessary to prevent bad things from happening. a strong america that stands up for its beliefs is an america able to defend itself and our principles around the world. when the president is seen as being weak, bad people do bad things. you're seeing that all across the middle east. you're seeing it in other parts of the world, afghanistan, ukraine, it's a real tragedy. >> i want to pick up on another campaign issue. during the 2012 race you also accused president obama of covering up the mishandling of the terror attack in benghazi. this weekend, fox has been running a documentary in which two special -- special security operators told bret baier that they were told repeatedly to stabbed down and not to go
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rescue the american diplomats at the u.s. consulate. here's a clip. >> all i can talk about is what happened on the ground that night. >> to you. >> to us. to myself twice and to tig once. we were told to wait and stand down. we were delayed three times. >> governor, do you think a benghazi coverup is still going on? >> well, i think this raises a lot of questions. one, why did the administration talk to these people a long time ago, why were they out there with a story saying the reason for what happened in benghazi was because of a video which these guys said was total baloney. how come the administration can't check into that? number two, who was it that told these guys to stand down? were they in contact with people from higher up. when they were ready and able to go in and support the security of our people there.
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this is -- this goes on and on and on. we've tried to understand why it is that this administration is unwilling to be transparent. this was a policy they said they would have, but they've instead not been forthcoming in what's happened there. that's something that doesn't just land at the feet of the president. it lands at the feet of hillary clinton as well. she keeps on saying there's nothing to see here, just move on. people want to understand exactly what happened. >> i mentioned at the top of the show the president's 38% approval rating now tieing an all-time low n. july they did a poll of voters asking them if they had 2012 all to do over again, how would they they vote. you'll be happy to know this time you won 53% to 44%. do you think americans are having buyer's remorse about 2012? >> oh, i think they have some
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buyer's remorse about president obama. i'm not sure how they feel about me. the real question is how's this president doing. they recognize the president has not been engaged. the idea that we have a group known as isis that we've known about for a year, they've said get ready for this, great prepared for them. we've fought long and hard to provide security for those people. yet, the president was too busy on the golf course to pick up the phone and meet with the leaders around the world and say what happens if, the pentagon was going through what if scenarios. but the president apparently wasn't. i don't know whether you can't see reality from a fairway, but the president has not seen the reality internationally. deskly, we've got 92 million people that have stopped looking for work. the american people are
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struggling, having a hard time. this president's policies both at home and abroad are hurting people and people are responding in the way they review him. >> i'm sure people are watching are going gee, where was that guy in 2012. i want to look back for a moment. you also did make your fair share of mistakes. here are a few of them. >> i brought us whole binders full of women. >> i was a severely conservative republican governor. i like being able to fire people. with him who are [ inaudible ] >> the bottom line among voters who said "cares about people like me" obama beat you 81% to 18. why do you think it was that so many people saw you as an unfeeling rich guy and does that perception still bother you? >> oh, look, i'm much more concerned about what the
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country's going to be doing going forward. i want to make sure we have a nominee and a lot of terrific republican individuals that are looking at the race and we can get the country back on track -- >> but you're kind of ducking the question which is did you contribute to this perception that you don't care about average americans. >> there's no question that i and my campaign made some mistakes. i think it's going to be a long time before we see a perfect campaign and a perfect candidate. sometimes i misspeak. that was a parade of horrible -- that makes me cringe. reality is that the opposition did a very good job pick up on those mistakes. i didn't do as good a job as i wish i would have describing who i am to the american people. look, that's -- you know, that's the the past. the future is how do we make sure that we get a president that spends time running the country, running the government,
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running the administration in such a way as to help the middle class of this country regain its footing, to help the poor get out of poverty and protect our interests around the world. >> let me look to the future because voters seem willing to give you another chance. there was a usa today poll just a couple weeks ago of iowa voters in which you swarped the field there. you had 35%. huk bewas second and the rest of the field trailed after that. recently you gave an interview. you also said circumstances can change. question, what does that mean? >> well, you know, i spoken on this topic so many times. i don't really have anything new to add, chris. i'm not running. i'm not planning on running. i'm going to be supporting our nominee. hopefully a strong individual and get this country back on track for the people who need
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help and there are a lot of people who do. >> are you making a commitment absolutely will not run, if nominated will not seven or are there circumstances under which you would consider running again? >> chris, i'm not going to add to the story. i've got nothing new for you. i'm not running. i'm not planning on running. i'm going to be helping the person who takes the banner for us. >> let me ask you about this a different way. in your heart, do you still think that you would make the best president of all the people out there? >> look, there's no question in my mind that i think i'd have been a better president than president obama has been. no question in my mind about that. there are other good people who i'm sure will be able to lead the country in the future. i wish it was were. let me tell you, it was a great experience running for president. but my time has come and gone. i had that opportunity. i ran, i didn't win.
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now it's time for someone else to pick up the baton. >> you mentioned hillary clinton. do you think you'd make a better president than hillary clinton? >> no question about that in my mind. the american people may disagree with me. you've got to get this economy going. you have to have people who understand what it takes to create jobs and help people come out of poverty. you've got to have that understanding. you've also got to have people who've actually run something. the government of the united states is the largest enterprise in the world. you watched a president who just doesn't understand how to make an administration work, how to interact with congress, how to get things done. you have to have those things. i don't think hillary clinton has that experience. her record is barack obama's record in foreign policy. it's a disaster. the president went to egypt and said we're going to have this new wonderful relationship with the muslim world and now the
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middle east is burning. the president won't even call the invasion by russia into ukraine an invasion. if you can't speak decisively, you can't be de sigh sooif. hillary clinton and barack obama are two peas in the same pod. >> we have about two minutes left. quick questions, quick answers. president obama now says he's going to delay action on immigration reform until after the election. he says because he needs to explain how he is dealing with the question of the unaccompanied minors coming over the border. here's what he said on meet the press. >> the politics did shift midsummer because of that problem. i want to spend time even as we getting all our ducks in a row for the executive action, i want to make sure the public understands why we're doing this, why it's the right thing
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for the american people and the economy. >> what's going on there? >> he should spend less time on the golf course and more time thinking about isis and ukraine and in this case immigration. he should follow the law and work with congress instead of trying to do things unilaterally. what's happening is cynical and political. >> in what sense? >> he's saying, look, i'm going to violate the law after the election when what i do won't have serious consequences. he's basically saying he's going to do something the american people won't like and he wants to make sure to do it after the midterms. >> about a minute left, sir. in 2012, you had virginia governor bob mcdonnell on your short list of potential running mates. as you well know, he was convicted this week of taking bribes, some even before you were considering him as a running mate. i guess two questions, what does
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that say about your vetting process and frankly did you misjudge bob mcdonnell? >> well, i'm not going to say anything about the vetting pro sets. we communicated that that would be completely off the record and confidential and it is. but i can say this, i'm very sorry for him and for his family. it's a family frtragedy obvious and for the state of virginia. i've called him, i've expressed my sympathy. i wish he and his family the very best. >> governor romney, thank you. always good to talk with you, sir. >> thanks, chris. good to be with you. so, what do you think about mitt romney especially after that interview? is he the gop's best chance to win back the white house. let me know on facebook or twitter. up next, how serious a threat is isis to the u.s.
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or go to president obama announced that this week's nato summit that nine nations have joined the u.s. in the fight against isis. but is there a real plan to destroy the group? joining us now, the chair of the house homeland security
6:20 am
committee michael mccaul and robert menendez. before we get to foreign policy, i want to pick up on what i was just discussing with governor romney. president obama has decided to delay any executive action on delaying the deportation of millions of illegals until after the november elections. are you disappointed with the delay and isn't this all about politics and the fact that a bunch of red state senators that are seeking reelection, democratic senators seeking reelection didn't want this before the november election? >> well, chris, the red state senators already voted, i think most of them voted in favor of comprehensive bipartisan imbrags reform. so they're on the record on that. >> but they're not on the record on exec sieve action, sir. >> that's what the focus is. yeah, i'm deeply disappointed that the president hasn't acted where house republicans have failed to act.
6:21 am
this was sent over to them over a year ago. but, look, republicans are on the wrong side of the inevitable tide of history here. i think you could ask your previous guest, mitt romney, how it's impossible for republicans to have a road to the white house without embracing immigration reform and the immigrant communities. >> some of your fellow republicans are saying, looking, the president still wants to go around the wall, he's just going to wait until after november. >> well, i think it's totally politically calculated. he's made this determination that if he gets out in front on this issue, it will hurt seven to eight senate races and he could potentially lose the senate. i think that message has been sent clearly to the president. so i think it's nothing more than raw politics and the idea of amnesty by executive action,
6:22 am
i think the house republicans does not sit well. >> let's turn, gentlemen, to isis and the threat from isis to the u.s. homeland. chairman mccaul, there's been a lot of talk about americans, maybe as many as a hundred who have left the united states, gone over to the middle east and and are fighting alongside isis. how concerned are you about them coming home and conducting terrorist attacks, and especially as we approach this week, the 13th anniversary of 9/11? >> i'm extremely concerned about this problem. i know intelligence officials, homeland security officials are concerned about this. we've had two "be on the lookout" notices. i think the biggest concern, chris, is what you outline. we have somewhere between a hundred to 200 americans that have left the united states to go over there. we have tens of thousands of
6:23 am
foreign fighters with western passports that can get legally into western europe and many the united states of america. you don't know what you don't know. as we approach the anniversary of 9/11, anniversaries mean a lot to al qaeda. we know bin laden had plans to attack on the 10th anniversary. i think we're going to be on a very high state of vigilance. i do think the threat is very real. the best way to deal with this threat is to take out isis where they exist today. >> i'm going to get to that in a moment. let's bring in senator menendez on the threat to the homeland. the brits increase the security level to severe because of all the foreign fighters, hundreds with british passports and the threat that they might come home. are you worried about americans or westerners who can get into this country, especially as we look ahead to the 9/11 anniversary, senator?
6:24 am
>> well, chris, as from someone who lost over 700 citizens on september 11th, i'm always concerned. isis is a terrorist organization that has to be defeated before they can develop the wherewithal to conduct a september 11th-like tragedy. can be that watered before they income come here or are reviewed to make sure they don't become a threat here on the homeland. at the same time, we have to strike at isis and make sure they cannot become the threat that we lived under september 11th, 13 years ago goe. >> president obama i think you both agree had several stumbles on describing isis. he talked about shrinking it to a manageable problem.
6:25 am
after the nato summit, he came came up with this. >> we are going to achieve our goal. we are going to degrade and ultimately defeat isis. >> but there is still no plan to hit isis in its base of operations in syria. we still don't know what the nine other countries in the coalition are going to do. chairman mccaul, does the president have a strategy now? >> you pointed out the mixed messages coming out of the white house has been very confusing, and i think, dangerous to american lives. i don't still know what the clearly defined strategy is. as general dempsey said, to e defeat isis, you have to defeat them where they exist and where their command and kprol structure is. that is in syria. his policy so far has been a policy of containment, not of defeat. to obtain that objective, i do believe you have to go into
6:26 am
syria. the the wednesday's going to talk to the american people on wednesday. i hope that he expands this into syria where isis is strongest. and i i do think he needs to go to the congress to update the authorized use of military force to get the additional authorities against isis and into syria. >> let me bring senator menendez into this. still no plan to launch air strikes against isis in syria. when it comes to the ground game, we're back to talking about the long-forgotten, much-aneglected rebels. are you satisfied this president has a plan to destroy isis? >> i think he misspoke. what he really said was he hadn't decided on the strategy yet. look, i see a developing
6:27 am
strategy here. i see a combination of air and drone strikes. i see a coalition that is developing out of nato. i see moderate countries aligning with us like the united arab emirates and saweddy arabia contributeing to the efforts. and then, of course, you have to, as i call for them, a robustly help the moderate rebels to take over the ground for air strikes in syria. i do see that coming together. i do think when the president speaks to the country on wednesday and the subsequent fup follow-up, we are clearly headed to a strategy that will defeat isis. >> gentlemen, we have about two minutes let's. i want to talk about ukraine where there's now a cease-fire but a cease-fire that leaves the pro-russian separatists in
6:28 am
control of large swaths of eastern ukraine. president obama said he's skeptical about the cease-fire but he also seemed to see it as a victory for nato. >> the only reason that we're seeing the cease-fire at this moment is because of both the sanctions that have already been applied and the threat of further sanctions. >> chairman mccaul, who's won here, the u.s. and nato or putin and russia? >> i think long-term putin is winning. i think senator menendez has called this an invasion and i agree with that. the crimea example is i think the model here. putin, if you look at long-term strategy, what is he trying to accomplish, i believe in tarkting russian-speaking peoples is a policy to regain the glory days of the old soviet empire. with respect to the cease-fire,
6:29 am
we're all very hopeful, but the problem is, even this morning now, you had air strikes that have basically violated that cease-fire agreement. so i think we're dealing with a very dangerous force here. and i don't think until nato and the united states leads and actually arms ukraine with lethal weapons are you going to see putin really backing off. >> well, senator menendez, you're just back from the region as congressman mccaul point the out. you have called it an invasion even if the administration hasn't. you have called for sending military weapons to ukraine. are you satisfied with a cease-fire that leaves the separatists in control of broad swaths of territory in eastern ukraine? >> absolutely not. look, until russia returns its thousands of force and tanks and military equipment back to russia and there is a border
6:30 am
that is secured hopefully with international observers, there is not a solution. this is a temporary pause. and we have to take putin's calculations and show him he's wrong. which means that the sanctions being considered beyond what we've done should take place, should move forward. and secondly, that we should give the ukrainians the i about to fight for themselves. that will change putin's calculations. >> we want to thank you both so much. thanks for talking with us today. >> good to be with you. up next, white house officials say they've put together a coalition to fight isis, but do they have a plan? our sunday group joins the conversation. plus, do you have a question for the panel. just go to facebook or twitter and we may use your question on the air. latte or au lait?
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we don't retreat. we don't forget. we take care of those who are grieving and when that's finished, they should know we will follow them to the gates of hell until they are brought to justice. >> vice president joe biden talking very tough about isis, even as the obama administration struggles to develop a battle plan. it's time for the sunday group. we welcome back brit hume, julie face who covers the white house for the associated press, syndicated columnist george will and bob woodward from the
6:35 am
washington post. hope you recovered from the nato summit. >> i'm getting there. >> good. from all the talk there, has president obama made any of the really hard decisions yet about going after isis inside syria? >> inside syria, it doesn't appear he has. most of the conversation continues to focus on going after isis in iraq. when you hear from the members of the coalition, they also talk about going after isis in iraq. what we have to watch is how they define that because the border between iraq in syria is so blurred that you could make an argument that you could have it fall under the broader umbrella as iraq. i think there's a lot of unanswered questions that the president -- >> the president is going -- we've been hearing, is going to make a speech to the nation on wednesday. do you expect much there? >> basically, this speech is meant to say to the public,
6:36 am
here's what we've done so far, here's what we see the threat and here's what i expect going forward. but i would not anticipate that he's going to outline a military plan. >> oh. there's that. the president in developing a military plan seems hamstrungs by the own limits he's put on -- >> exactly right. what this president seems to do is the reverse of what you would expect. he didn't decide on a goal or objective and decides on a means. he decides on the means first. principlely the means he will not use. we have no troops on the ground apparently in either space except for the special forces and some limited number in iraq. certainly not in syria. so that's off the table. he must have a coalition of a certain certain size. we're not quite sure how big or small and they have to make a certain level of contribution. then having decided that, he
6:37 am
then sets a goal that fits with those means, which is upside down. in the case of isis, may not be enough to get the job done. you hear it said by some, if we can't develop a coalition of people that are willing to contribute enough, we shouldn't do it. the problem is, can we afford not to. does isis pose a threat to the united states that it must be taken out to avoid that no matter what, the size of the coalition and if it takes ground troops you have to do it. >> bob, i also want to turn to ukraine and the cease-fire that, as i pointed out with the chairman, leaves the separatists in control of much of eastern krurp. and the president although he says he's skeptical is saying we wouldn't have gotten this far without the sanctions. am i wrong in saying putin has
6:38 am
achieved a lot of what he wanted to achieve and we achieved very little. >> you have to start with how obama looks at the world. he hates war. there's a mind set here, kind of a humble super power, and i don't think he fully understands -- and military people say this -- the deterrent power that the u.s. military has. so he kind of goes around and he says, brit's right, no boots on the ground. does that scare putin? you know, putin's saying no boots on the ground, good, that makes it easier for me. i think this -- what's happened with isis is a little different. this is a hate group. obama's view is gee, i kind of want to deal with people of good will. these are people not of good
6:39 am
will. so he's going to have to develop something and there's no hurry up strategy. you can't do this overnight and i think he's made that clear. >> what about the argument that it's not like isis just appeared on the stage as the lakers jv last week or when they took over mosul in june. they've been around for a while. why is the president developing this coalition now? >> well, that's a good question. but, you know, a lot of people are talking, let's bomb in syria. well, that is not something you can just do overnight. syria is a country with an air defense system. you talk to the people in the pentagon and they'll say, looking it's degraded, but it's substantial. so you'd have to have days of trying to take out that air defense system before we went to bombing. so slowing this process down is right. you can't work on impulse here.
6:40 am
>> we ask you for questions for the panel and we got this on facebook from tom. he writes, destroy, manage, rollback, mismantle, huh. say what you mean and mean what you say. george is our arbiter. how do you think president obama is doing when it comes to all of these issues? >> i think he's communicated his reluctance quite clearly. he has not communicated his reluctance to national policy. dempsey has said we must do more. this is a danger with regard to the ukraine. putin's first negotiating point is that kiev, the call tall of the government of ukraine must stop defensive operations. defensive operations within their own country. he is saying we will begin to negotiate when we have in place the borders that we have now
6:41 am
established, hived off crimea, now he's going to take as much as he want. the president was really clear when he said that the capitals are just as important to us as berlin, paris, and london. question is, does anyone believe that. does putin believe that if he attacks nato members in the baltic states that we would put at risk berlin, paris, london and chicago. it's relevant again. >> do they -- julie, less than a minute left. do they feel like they have been terribly misunderstand or do some say, hey, the boss contributed to this? >> i think that they go back to this notion that the way that the u.s. is viewed overseas is different than the way maybe we look at our own role in the world here in the u.s. where there's so much talk about a diminished american role.
6:42 am
he talks to european leaders, they're craves for american leadership and without that, no one else would move. i think they get frustrated. i think they understand that maybe some of the president's rhetoric hasn't been spot on. in general, they feel comfortable with where they are. >> people say putin's unpredetectiveble. he's very predictable. he recently said kazakhstan is not a real country. they're next. >> all right. no trips tlchlt we have to take a break here. now this programming note, tune in tonight at 8:00 p.m. eastern on fox news channel for the special fox news reporting 13 hours of benghazi hosted by bret baier. is this the smoking gun. up next, the politics of isis and immigration has president obama faces growing pressure from his own party.
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>> it is a threat to the world. and we need to be working with others to close isis down, to end isis. >> even liberal democratic senator elizabeth warren seemed to be losing patients this week with president obama's hamlet act about whether to go after isis in syria. bob, i want to talk to you about a line in your book, the price of politics, in which you write this, president's work their will on the important matter of national business. obama has not. when you have liberal senators like elizabeth warren telling the president he needs to toughen up, i guess the question is what is obama's problem? >> well, he's got to engage in the process. and he is not engaged in a way that -- >> what's that mean, not enga d
6:47 am
engaged? >> that means for instance on tuesday he's going to have the congressional leaders down to the white house. is it going to be everyone states their point of view and the meeting lasts an hour, maybe two hours? he needs to have some head to head discussions with people. mitch mcconnell put out a statement just recently saying he welcomes this meeting, he thinks -- i mean, it was very conciliatory they're going to listen, but you can't do it in an hour or two hours. >> and why do you think this president seems so reluctant to do that? is it that he's above that? >> i think -- he thinks he's got the right track. you know, we learn in our business that whenever we get something right, it's because we listened. the president needs to learn to listen. these people have points of view and there are ways to work -- i mean, he won't do a deal on lots
6:48 am
of things. this is something -- this is a serious isis, serious national security threat. talk to the intel people and they are trembling about it. and so it's not something you can just do all by yourself. you need to get the congress and you need to get the public involved. >> the videos of those two beheadings of american journalists seemed to have galvanized most americans that we have to kill isis before isis kills us. i guess the question is why does the president seem to be so out of step with this growing sentiment? when you start getting the dovest of doves, why is isn't the president digging in his hills about kill isis? >> represents the one state that george mcgovern carried in 1972. the president is resisting this
6:49 am
because he believes it, he believes he's right. that's the end of it. the question i think that has terrified democrats is this. when the democratic party fractured telegenically. from then until the end of the cold war, they had a foreign policy disadvantage, sort of deficit in the public understanding. i think a lot of democrats are worried that it's coming back now. history has returned, the democrats are again at a familiar disadvantage. >> all right. then there's immigration. it was this president who went to the rose garden on june 30th of this year. there he is. talked about how he wanted recommendations for executive action to delay the deportation of millions of illegals by the end of the summer.
6:50 am
now he's going to delay this until after the election. the question i guess i have julie, it seems to me he's got the worst of both worlds. he's ticked off the immigration advocates, who say it's another case of him promising and not delivering, then then you have the conservatives saying he's going to do it anyway. >> they're in a bit of a mess here. they argue that the reason for the change in position here is that the politics changed over the summer. they look at this -- >> because the flood of the unaccompanied -- >> unaccompanied minors at the border. because senate democrats running in tough races. and they say if they act now and those democrats lose, it will taint immigration reform efforts for years to come. it will be politically poisonous for anyone to take this on. the problem advocates have with this is they say there will never be a good time and this is
6:51 am
an argument the white house themselves have been making, that you have to just do the right thing. you see the white house taking an action that appears to be quite politically motivated and angered their own base. >> republicans have had their own problems with immigration. it seems to me this is a really terrible situation. republicans will be able to say it's not just that he did this, it's what could he do. they can put out there anything they want. >> that's true. nonetheless, i think in political terms, the administration thinks it would be better for the vulnerable democrats up for reelection this year or up for election in some cases, not to have this out there enflaming the base of the republican party and turning people out to vote in the red state where's a number of them are running. so that's the reason he did that. i think that that same motivation affected his statements at least on isis. here he was, you know, trying to
6:52 am
diminish the goal to meet his means, as i mentioned earlier. that's where that statement about, you know, we're going to reduce the threat to a manageable level came from. then, you know, he's being deserted right and left. hagen bails. they're bailing all over the place. e lids beth warren was the most con speck wous example. that's why he changed the stated goal. i think he did it for purely domestic political reasons. >> it's certainly politics. what's interesting is how out of touch the white house is with the senate democrats. you could have found this out before the june 30th statement that this would be a nightmare. and if there was -- you know, they're in the same party. they need to work together. and one of the untold stories here is the alienation between obama and senate democrats. they meet and they talk, but you
6:53 am
talk to people who are there and they say there isn't much communication. >> you know, and george, we have less than a minute left, you may not get the full fury of the opponents because you haven't taken this executive action. on the other hand, you don't get the support of the base who now is thinking i'm going to go out and vote for this candidate wherever because of what they've done. once again, they gave us the back of their hands. >> which matters because off year elections are turnout elections. the republican base is mobilized by barack obama and by the affordable care act. he passed up a chance to enflame his base. >> thank you panel. up next, our power player of the week. washington's golden girl. do you sleep too hot whileyour partner
6:54 am
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because the sleep number dualtemp layer works with any mattress brand. call now! call this number or click now for a free $50 savings card and catalog with price list. ask about your free 100-night in-home trial. call or click now. our politicians may disappoint, but washington does have one true champion. here is our power player of the week. >> wake up at 4:15, practice until 6:30. go to school. >> katie ledecky is discussing her daily schedule. a legend that has made her arguably the best swimmer in the
6:56 am
world. is it ever too much? >> no. i've gotten used to it. i think the swimming has helped my school work and the school day always helps my swimming. so it goes both ways i guess. >> it certainly seems to be working. >> what world records do you now hold? >> the 400 free, the 800 free and the 1,500 free. >> that's all. >> yeah. i've broke them a few times. >> meanwhile, she's just started her senior year. how tough is it to be a normal teenager? >> it's not tough at all. it's been a lot of fun these past couple years. just swimming and going to school. >> is there any time for boys? >> no, i don't have a boyfriend and i never have. >> katie started swimming competitively at 6. her enthusiasm stronger than her form. but by the time she was 8, she was starting to win.
6:57 am
>> you can improve that time and that's a result of what you do every day in practice. i think you can really see the correlation. >> numbers don't lie. >> exactly. numbers don't lie. and they don't -- they show what you do in practice. i like that aspect of it. >> in 2012 at age 15 she made the olympic team. but she was no favorite. >> i would have been happy if i got first or last. i was just really grateful to be at the olympics. >> and what happened? >> i won. it was a surreal night. this is the 2012 olympic gold in the 800. >> may i? it is gorgeous isn't it? >> yeah, it's a nice keepsake. >> last month, it got some company. five more gold model models from the pan pacific championships. now katie is back in training focusing on the 2016 olympics.
6:58 am
>> i think it's more of time goals rather than i have to make this meet or get these medals. >> if you met your time goal and finished third, would you be happy or disappointed? >> i would be happy. you can't control what other people are going to do. i try to set my time goals so that it will put me in contention for a medal. >> there's one way she isn't a norm teenager. while most seniors are sweating out where they'll go to college, katie has already been accepted at stanford, but she may take a year off. that's it for today, have a great week and we'll see you next "fox news sunday."
6:59 am
"fox news sunday" is a presentation of fox news.
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